Ready, Set, React.

I am surprised how quickly I took to React. I had completed Functional Programming in Scala and was itching to apply the theory. I never anticipated how naturally React (and by extension functional programming) solved many of the problems I was facing. Below are some impressions of deploying my first React application. So it began After doing some initial reading on Angular and Vue, I settled on React as it aligned closest to what I was trying to do.

Do you even functional bro?

My interest grew from a side conversation I over-heard. After that, every taste taught me something different. There is something truly haunting about functional programming. I have completed Functional Programming in Scala. I was not fully prepared for the learning curve as many of the concepts and principles were new to me. What I took away from the course has had a real impact on the way I approach software development.

The Joys of Craft

I get great satisfaction from viewing a product I built using tools I prefer following principles I believe in. On any given day, I work on a number of tech stacks that get the job done but leave me thinking, "If I could have built this from scratch?" Most projects suffer from budget & time constraints and end up being good enough. But when you do have enough time, when you are able to pick your tools and set them up just right and you watch them work together.

We're Live!

This blog has been a long time coming. I have wanted to post on a number of things that completing the blog became a priority. Before I jump into topics of interest, I want to list some of the technologies driving the blog. Hugo The more I use Hugo, the more I love it. My first attempts at a blog used database-driven content management systems (CMS), which made sense at the time.