Curriculum Vitæ

Work Experience


January 2020 - presentAmsterdam, Netherlands
Frontend Engineer
  • Part of a DevOps team responsible for developing & deploying internal facing applications to support various MessageBird teams.
  • Routinely required to monitor the kubernetes systems my team's software runs on.
  • Required to oversee the support channels for our software. This includes answering or assisting internal support agents in their duties.
  • The only frontend engineer in the team, building upon & expanding the services developed by the rest of the team.
  • Successfully conceptualised & deployed a number of solutions from loose business requirements, often under tight timelines.
  • Successfully decoupled an internal capability from a larger code base to allow for faster development cycles.

Absa (formerly Barclays Africa Group Ltd)

February 2016 - December 2019Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Technologist
  • Responsible for projects from concept through to deployment across Africa.
  • Successfully turned around several crisis portfolios & projects with a great record of delivering core requirements on time.
  • Consistently given & delivered high risk or technical briefs considered too risky for other teams or members.
  • Helped establish work flows & pipelines for different portfolios.
  • Established best practises & support for other developers & their teams.
  • Contributed to a multi-disciplinary team on the practical application of the new corporate brand.
  • Introduced the bank to React & helped to integrate React into Adobe Experience Manager before there was native support.
  • Motivated for & established the bank's first virtual reality capability across Cape Town, Johannesburg & Pretoria.
  • Established a relationship with the University of Pretoria to better explore virtual reality, its capabilities & different forms of user engagement.
  • Managed three interns remotely to produce augmented reality proof of concepts.

McCann Worldgroup South Africa (Pty) Ltd

January 2015 - December 2015Sandton, South Africa
Senior Developer
  • Was the only developer in a newly created digital department.
  • Single-handedly built, deployed & maintained many of the projects I was involved with.
  • Provided technical direction & insights into numerous technologies & tech-stacks.
  • Interfaced directly with clients to unpack & define their core objectives.
  • Provided scopes of work, functional specifications as well as process pipelines for projects.
  • Successfully deployed projects within the tight time & budget constraints of the client.
  • Supported the project managers, community managers & designers in the execution of their tasks.
  • Conceptualised, successfully motivated, built & deployed a cross-device, cross-platform, mobile based augmented reality solution.
  • Clients include: McCann Nestle Waltons Kauai UIP Chevrolet Isuzu Zurich Econet


January 2014 - December 2014Pretoria, South Africa
Multimedia Developer
  • Assisted clients to narrow down & define their core objectives.
  • Provided technical direction on key technologies & realistic timelines required to achieve objectives.
  • Successfully conceptualised, scoped, developed & deployed a number of projects.
  • Utilised time to expand knowledge base, streamline development processes & investigate emerging technologies.

Gloo (merged into Ogilvy South Africa)

June 2012 - December 2013Greenside, South Africa
Senior Developer
  • Responsible for taking high-pressure individual & team briefs from concept through to deployment.
  • Successfully & consistently deployed projects within the given time-lines & budgets.
  • Called in to assist with crisis or time-critical projects, as well as interface with difficult clients.
  • Able to identify process bottle-necks or potential pitfalls & possible ways to mitigate or resolve these issues.
  • Provided technical direction for technologies not in the company portfolio.
  • Supported & up-skilled the junior developers & creatives.
  • Clients include: BMW FNB MINI RMB Samsung SA Tourism


January 2011 - February 2012Randburg, South Africa
  • Was the only developer in the company.
  • Reverse engineered application development for existing & new devices.
  • Successfully planned, developed & deployed touch, multi-touch and motion capture applications.
  • Researched & implemented technologies for the company.
  • Interfaced directly with clients to unpack & better understand their core requirements & objectives.
  • Clients included: Paragon Group PWC Sanofi Aventis SAP


May 2010 - November 2010Sandton, South Africa
Flash & Web Developer
  • Responsible for taking high-pressure briefs from concept through to deployment.
  • Successfully planned, developed & deployed projects on desktop, social media & web.
  • Deadline driven, consistently delivered projects in the given timelines.

ILA Vietnam

July 2007 - March 2009Hanoi, Vietnam
English Teacher
  • Provided IELTS preparation, as well as custom classes for business & educational English.
  • Commended on my innovative teaching style, vibrancy of my classes & the variety of media used in my lessons.
  • Worked with various PC based learning packages with my students & helped evaluate the effectiveness of these resources.
  • Responsible for planning & presenting English classes for a full range of students from young learners to adults.
  • Developed teaching resources and presented workshops to my peers around the topics: “Film & video in the classroom” “Interactive software in an educational setting”.

Aston Schools

August 2006 - March 2007Zhengzhou, China
Foreign Manager & Teacher
  • Co-managed a school of 200 students, 2 foreign teachers, 2 Chinese teachers & a number of Chinese staff.
  • Responsible for orientation, development & continuous assessment of the teaching skills of the foreign teachers.
  • Developed teaching schedules & provided spread sheet templates for payrolls.
  • Responsible for planning & presenting English classes for a full range of students from young learners to adults.
  • Planned and delivered promotional activities for the school including: curriculum development designing advertisements delivering promotional classes (all ages) promotional field work judging English competitions creating public English corners.

Aston Schools

April 2005 - July 2006Jinan, China
Senior Teacher
  • Responsible for planning & presenting English classes for a full range of students from young learners to adults.
  • Developed school resources including: flash-cards posters authentic materials.

Other Initiatives


  • 2019: Build team lead for the 'Sweet Love Gateway' art work.
  • Successfully proposed the project & motivated for grants.
  • Participated in fundraisers for the project.
  • Planned, prototyped, budgeted & successfully executed the project.
  • Oversaw & coordinated the transportation of equipment to the build site.
  • Solely responsible for the lighting of the project, which was made up of 40m/ 2400 individually addressable LED lights.
  • Invited to present & share my experiences with a number of interested parties.
  • 2010: Assisted with the development & revision of the original website theme.

University of Pretoria

  • Played a pivotal role in industry push towards a focus on virtual reality at the University of Pretoria.
  • Invited to present guest lectures to post-graduate & prospective students.
  • Invited to join workshops & panels to the benefit of students.


  • Successfully conceptualised, motivated for, prototyped & led/ co-led the construction of a number of structures.
  • Part of the core team which coordinated efforts between participants.
  • Responsible for sourcing & transporting the equipment.
  • 2017: Assisted with the construction of the final tower.
  • 2015: Led the construction of the tower & assisted with the construction of the catapult.
  • 2014: Led the construction of the tower & assisted with the construction of the shade dome.
  • 2013: Led the construction of the solo tower.
  • 2012: Led the construction of the medic tower & assisted with the construction of the primary tower.
  • 2011: Led the construction of the newer, bigger tower.
  • 2010: Led the construction of the first tower.


Fullstack Open

December 2019University of Helsinki
  • Deeper understanding of modern ES6 trends.
  • Opportunity to explore best fullstack practises focused around React.

Coursera: Machine Learning

July 2019Stanford University
  • Provided a solid base for future machine learning projects.
  • Better understanding on how to leverage machine learning techniques for computer vision & augmented reality applications.

Coursera Specialisation: Python for Everybody

January 2018University of Michigan
  • Enjoyable introduction to Python showcasing many features of the language.
  • Aimed to use Python for future projects or studies.

Coursera Specialisation: Functional Programming in Scala

November 2016 - July 2017École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Exposed to new concepts & principles in programming.
  • Provided alternatives for many contemporary principles & practices.
  • Provided a deeper insight & appreciation for React.
  • Introduction to Apache Spark & large scale data-processing.


September 2006 - October 2006Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Cambridge University
  • Passed with a 'Grade A'.
  • Focused around effective & practical methods for English teaching.
  • Empowered me to communicate effectively with elementary English learners.
  • Deeper & richer understanding of what 'communication' really is.

Bachelor of Information Science (Multimedia)

January 2001 - December 2004Pretoria, South Africa
University of Pretoria

Major in Multimedia

  • Concerned with the practical application of different communication mediums & paradigms in a digital setting.
  • Explored gamification & visual communication via basic design, layout, colour & interaction principles.
  • Provided glimpses into what would later become the digital design process including graphic, product, interface, customer & user experience design.

Major in Computer Science

  • Concerned with the theory & best practises of computer programming & software development.
  • Explored core concepts including data-structures, design-patterns, programming languages, real-time 3D rendering, networks & security.

Major in English

  • Concerned with the history, composition & use of the English language.
  • Explored notable periods of literature & their effects on modern English.


Soft Skills

  • Substantial communication & interpersonal skills, with a sensitivity to cultures & contexts.
  • Strong leadership skills without sacrificing the ability to collaborate or follow.
  • Confident presentation skills allowing easy & natural interactions with audiences.
  • Good motivator able to establish meaningful RAPPORT within a team.
  • Proven problem solving skills complimented with established research methodologies.
  • Excited by a challenge & curious by nature.
  • Self-motivated with an aptitude to rapidly upskill myself in a new technology or framework.
  • Understands the design process well & effectively collaborates with stake-holders.